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Stepping along the cold concrete path,
the wind sharply grazing my cheeks,
I gaze not forward but above.
The sky feels like thick blue glass,
lit by a giant light bulb.
The walls of each house are rippling with colours,
so many different colours that it is a shame
we have to limit a group of them to the colour “red”.
Has the world been this colourful,
I ask while listening intently
to the ambient sounds of my neighbourhood.
“Bisssss”. I hear the shivers from the trees.
“Fuuehhh”. I hear the whistles from the cars.
“Tap Tap Tap”. I hear the cries from my shoes.
Has the world been this lively?
Perhaps what is normally not described in words,
we tend to ignore.
What sorts of melodies from this universe
will I be able to find?
What will come and fade away
before someone can appreciate it?
I wonder.
Time never ticks.
If it does,
there are always gaps between them.
No matter how deep I search,
the gaps never end.
I can not help but think that,
there are so many things out there waiting to be noticed.

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